• Please check out the new links available in the Quick Links section to the left! We've added links pertaining to the just-completed ward and precinct elections and the upcoming County Central Committee meeting.

    The CCC Member List link will take you to a PDF file that lists the results of the ward and precinct elections plus any appointees that we've processed into the database since those elections. Please note that the most recent appointments will not be immediately reflected, but we'll try to update the file frequently to make it as accurate as possible. Also, the list is only preliminary, since ward chairs have until March 23rd to make additional appointments and the County Chair can make appointments from March 24th up to the start of Registration at the CCC meeting on the 28th.

    There is also a link to a form for ward chairs to make their appointments and another link for individuals wishing to run for the State Central Committee to self-nominate themselves for the available positions from their respective Congressional Districts in Bernalillo County. 

    One other important note: Registered users of this web site will temporarily be unable to access the "private" sections of the individual ward pages. Since all positions listed on those sections were up for election again this year we have an extensive amount of work to do to get those pages updated. Please bear with us at this very busy time of year.

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