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    ...I believe in being open and considerate of the views and beliefs of others. I believe in justice, equality, opportunity, responsibility, personal and social development and the honest hard work that makes all these happen. - Doug Price

    ...without the policies of FDR & HST, I and others, who were born in the 30s would still be poor. Without the policies of JFK & LBJ, I and others, like me, would have lost our gains and be subjected to dirty water & air. In addition, we would not have some of the basic benefits of a provided & protected commons ... to include Public Education. I am a Democrat, because the Party unabashedly supports Human & Civil Rights. Beyond that ... the list is endless! - Lawrence G. German

    ...I have never considered myself anything but working class. Without a job there is no other income. I came from a strong union family and my grandfather was an unabashed socialist. My grandfather was in the military that was called out to control the miners (How Green Was My Valley). He refused to point a gun at working people who only wanted a fair wage. He was discharged from the military for disobeying an order. - Carole Eberhardt

    ...my parents raised me with core Democratic values. Value all lives, rich or poor. My father a general practitioner, treated all patients regardless of ability to pay, perhaps, a bag of potatoes, a sack of beans, a goat once. I have been a public servant, an activist and a Community organizer my whole life. First in the feminist movement, starting sexual assault and domestic violence programs in Colorado, working with survivors there and in NM. Giving back is a core value, not looking down on others for color, religion, etc. I find myself back in the trenches fighting again for things, I fought for long ago. - Patricia Good

    ...I believe in the tenets of the Democratic Party (being fair to all especially America's common man). I also wish not to destroy the earth and care deeply for it because it is Home. I believe in having available abortions for women. I believe in clean sustainable energy. I believe in as a group doing the right thing for all. - Suzanne Allen

    ...Democrats, in my lifetime, have worked for a minimum wage, healthcare, anti-discrimination laws, fair housing, environmental protection, safe workplaces, the ERA, Medicare, and so much more. I am a Democrat because I believe in fairness and equality. - Anonymous

    ...when I was 7 my father got laid off. Although my parents were both registered as Republicans they were visited shortly thereafter by the local Democratic Party precinct captain who came to deliver a large box of groceries to help us out until my father went back to work, but there was never a visit by his Republican counterpart. I realized then that Democrats were the party of compassion for the less fortunate. When my personal hero, Bobby Kennedy, ran for President in 1968 I worked on his campaign. Two years later I turned 21 and officially registered as a Democrat and have been one ever since. - Bill Peifer

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